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rain route Marrakech
photographer unknow, styling by coco-morocco

What an unpleasant surprise when you are visiting a city that almost always enjoys sunshine. Fortunately, there is more than enough to escape to and if you are lucky, you picked a riad that you want to enjoy with a good book and some mint tea...
In case you want to hit town, follow me!

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09:30 lazy breakfast at the hotel.

Spa at La Maison Arabe
La Maison Arabe
 Address: Derb Assehbi, Marrakesh 40000
Phone: 05243-87010
11:00 Go for the Forfait Impérial at Maison Arabe. It's the best Spa treatment I had in Marrakech on many levels! Service, products, know how and treatments.

13.00 Lunch - included in the package  (and fantastic)
lunch by the pool
lunch by the pool at Maison Arabe

14.30 Have a stroll in the neighbourhood and don't forget the shops of Valéry Barkowski and the magic wonderworld of Mustapha Blaoui 

The magical wonderworld of Mustapha Blaoui
Enter the wonderworld of Mustapha Blaoui
Address: 144 Arset Aouzal Rd, Marrakesh 40000 
The shop of V.Barkowski is just some 100 m further down the street at the same side.
Phone: 05243-85240
Musée Boucharouite
Musé Boucharouite
Address: 107 40000, Derb al Cadi, Marrakesh
 Phone: 05243-83887
17.00 There's still time for some culture! Go and get taken away by the wonderful carpet reading at Musée Boucharouite, a unique, ornate space, showcasing the intricate art of Moroccan rugs & the stories behind them.
Address: 107 40000, Derb al Cadi, Marrakesh

18.30 Have apero somewhere warm, I can suggest to go straight to Le Trou au Mur and look for a cosy place around the fire. While you're there, I strongly recommend you to stay for dinner too!!

Le Trou au MUR, a perfect way to end a rainy day by the fireplace
Spend the last hours of this rainy day by the open fire and enjoy Le Trou au Mur.
Address: 39 Derb el Farnatchi، Marrakesh 40000
 Phone: 05243-84900

Make sure you shop where it matters and pay the correct price!

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