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A TANGIER CITY TRIP - where to stay and enjoy the good life

Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
The harbour and the bay

Many moons ago...I arrived in Tangier (Tanger, Tanja, Tangiers). It was the first day of Ramadan and it was my first visit ever to Morocco.

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I might have shared this with you already, but a picture in an interior design magasine got me under its spell and I took the plane to go and discover...
Little did I know!
My first trip was just one of many to follow and some years later (about 5 years ago) Morocco became my home.  
There is no explanation for that, does there need to be, I wonder?
I was taken by the beauty, the many skills, and the light.
Even though I settled in Essaouira and drift to Marrakesh now and then, the blues of Tangier are always on my mind. When I see a photo, I recognise the intensity of the light, the fresh shades of blue..

Finally after many years, while returning from my countryside Pop-up in Belgium, I took the chance to have some time again in this fantastic city with a view on Europe.
Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
Tangier, the Ocean and the Meditarenian meet somewhere here. View from La Tangerina.

Tangier is French and Moroccan, French architecture has been adapted to Moroccan lifestyle and all seem to blend perfectly together.

My favourite things to do while spending some time in Tangier.

Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
La Tangerina

Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
La Tangerina

Stay at wonderful La Tangerina in the Kasbah. 
This place has this what the French call 'je ne sais quoi'. Old continental Colonial charm revisited.
The place feels relaxed, at home and stylish. This is a delicate balance but La Tangerine manages to dance on this thin line!

Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
Terrace at La Tangerina.
Lunch at Dar Nour in the Kasbah.
Dar Nour was my number one choice when I first visited Tangier. It still is one of my favourite places to hang out. This time, however, I did not have time but  I strongly recommend you to go and have lunch and enjoy the city and bay view on their rooftop. If one of the owners is around, do ask them to tell the story of the house, of the reconstruction and of wonderful Abdelatif who was a constructor but turned out to be an excellent cook and serves the most wonderful dishes.

Afternoon tea with a spectacular view at La Tangerina.
While a guest at La Tangerina, you should spend every free and lazy moment on their rooftop! This place is to die for! front row blues with the little city of Tarifa in the distance.

Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
Hotel Nord Pinus and La Tangerina
Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
Nights at Nord Pinus
Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
Nord Pinus bar

Apero and Dinner at the neighbours.
I know, it sounds lazy...but why spend time getting lost when your neighbour happens to be Nord Pinus Tanger!!! This place is another must see and the Harbour and bay view at sunset is just something you have to experience for real. Their menu is perfect and prices are reasonable. After all, this is top location!

Citytrip, Tangier Morocco, coco-morocco
Morning impressions in Tangier

Have a morning stroll just after sunrise.
I like old Medina's when almost everyone is still asleep. One of my favourite things to do is to pack my camera and go and snap the city. There is no other moment of the day when the sunlight enters in a way that makes you realise that 'this is the moment' - the silence, the early birds, the far away scooter...

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