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TADELAKT - Homestyling Classes and Holidays in Marrakech

Tadelakt Workshop holiday marrakech
And what if you would skip the spring cleaning for a hands on "learn a skill" in Marrakech? Trust me, it can't get much better! Orange blossom scent, sunshine and maybe that dream of a tadelakt kitchen or shower wall is finally coming to a real goal within reach...

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O help, we are planning our pop-ups, our tribal chic collection is going viral AND we're way too late to put our workshops online.
But please take note!

March 17 - 23 Learn the skill of tadelakt (Moroccan lime plaster)
NO, we're not going to do a vase or a bowl! Bring your "Bob the Builder" helmets AND spirit cauze we're going to practise the real thing!  No excuse for dirty hands. But we're also going for relaxing and town visits. Rooftop drinks and golden and fun time! Are you one of my team? We're into 'dogood', so everything we realise is going to benefit a local community.

April 9 - 16 Yoga and Design retreat ( together with  Sole Yoga Holidays )
We're going to balance Body, Mind and Home. A relaxing and rejuvenating yoga retreat that will also learn you the skills to create your ZEN space at home. We operate on two locations, Essaouira my home and Marrakech my other home ;)! Feeling blessed to drift between these gorgeous places.

May 26 - June 1 How to colour and apply polished cement floors
I just love to be on building sites and this is another hands on for all of you wanting to create your own home! I'm still fine tuning the last details on a suitable location but I'm sure to have a great LIVE location were we can play and test as we like :).

And let's get you inspired by some beautiful photos on what I mean with the style you will know a lot more about and even create it after our holiday!
Enjoy, start dreaming and start acting! Holidays are one way learning a local skill, isn't it?
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Remember, influencers's all about Wabi Sabi, so no need for perfectionalism xxx

Tadelakt Workshop holiday marrakech
Tadelakt Workshop holiday marrakech
Tadelakt Workshop holiday marrakech
Tadelakt Workshop holiday marrakech
Tadelakt Workshop holiday marrakech

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