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tadelakt workshop essaouira

Place to rejuvenate your body mind and soul.
Place to attend one of the many workshops while travelling.  Relax and learn a skill.

We were invited by riad Les Deux mondes, a resort a little out of Essaouira, where conscious living, healthy food, body work and relaxing by the pool is combined with a whole range of workshop possibilities.

One workshop got my attention because it's on my bucket list for a long time already:

article by Marlène Pauly more articles by Marlène HERE

tadelakt workshopThe art of 'covering anything (almost) that is not alive' with a coloured or neutral lime paste.  For anyone who has been visiting Morocco, you will know what I mean when you think of the bathroom in your hotel or riad. It's a very environmental friendly way of constructing that has the ability to balance humidity in the air's also very beautiful.
Kitchens, floors, walls, decorative all can be done with tadelakt.

During an 1 day workshop, you will learn how to:
- Prepare your lime-based paste from Marrakech
- Dosing the pigments to obtain the color of your choice
- Cover the pottery step by step
- Smoothing with specific tools to obtain silky texture

The course is animated by a maalem, being a true specialist in the art of traditional tadelakt. In one day, including use of the pool and a healthy lunch, you will discover this Moroccan craft in many facets. 
- The potteries will be pre-prepared with a 'gobetis', to accommodate the tadelakt. 
- The artisan will take you on a tour discovering and learning you how to use the tools: 
  • cedar trowel
  • specific river pebbles 
  • the small tricks to master the skill. 
tadelakt workshop

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to take your own piece of pottery with you!
The course is in French with translation into English.
tadelakt workshop

tadelakt workshop

For all inquieries, please contact Riad les deux Mondes here.
For all other workshops, from detoxing with herbal teas to creating your own 100% organic cosmetic productshave a look here

tadelakt workshop

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