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BRUNCH BY THE POOL The Essaouira top 5

There are plenty of reasons to stay more than a day in Essaouira. There is much more to discover than the Medina, the harbour and the beach boulevard. Ask any one living here and they come up with a liiiist that could fill your month of holiday with ease.

But, how do we, the locals (or pretend to be locals) like to spend a day when we are off?
We love to look for a pool and a great lunch spot. 
So here is my personal top of places that i do not only like for their gorgeous pools ( I can't swim 😂)
neither only for their delicious buffets but also for the beautiful architecture, interior styling and the setting in the countryside.

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Les Jardins de villa Maroc.
top pools and lunch in Essaouira
photo credit Villa Maroc

Settled just outside Essaouira, a little off road in the beautiful countryside, the day out pool and buffet of Villa Maroc offers a free shuttle from the Medina.
Although the place is suitable for families with kids and even has a mini farm, I prefer to be there on a quiet day. There are better options if you have kids.
If you are a foodie - GO with or without kids :). Their buffets are fantastic and their deserts to die for.

Route Essaouira، Essaouira 44000, shuttle-pool and lunch 250 MAD 

Le Jardin des Douars.
top pools and lunch in Essaouira
photo credit Jardin des Douars

In a beautiful scenery that reminds me of Tuscany, you find a stunning garden, two pools of which kids friendly and an infinity pool only for adults.  The food is delicious and Sundays are the best with the over popular brunch.  If you are in for a quiet day out you might want to pick another day :)
This place invites you to walk around, discover all the little corners of the garden and enjoy the views over the surrounding hills planted with olive trees...
They offer a shuttle several times a day for a cost of 70 MAD a person. Sunday brunch is 250 MAD

N1, Essaouira, Morocco, shuttle-pool and Sunday brunch 250 MAD 

Dar Caravane.
top pools and lunch in Essaouira

Dar Caravane is an easy option. No planning or reservation needed here! You either walk there along the beach and then take the turning towards Ghazoua, or you take a 'petit taxi'.
They offer a la carte and there is something for everyone. From vegetarian to pork. From small starters to a good glass of wine. This beautiful place has also an on site beauty salon and a trendy shop. Shopping, good food, wellness and pool. The full package!

Km 1 Route D'Agadir, Essaouira 44000, Morocco, pool is free when you have lunch/drink...

Atlas Hotel.
top pools and lunch in Essaouira
photo credit Atlas Essaouira

Why I include the Atlas hotel? Well, because I just love the view. well protected from the wind, you have a great view through a glass wall on the ocean and the beach. If you get hungry you could opt for either the restaurant at the hotel, or cross the street and dine in their beach resto 'le seven'.
I would go for the latter!
worth mentioning is the Thalasso institute at the Atlas hotel that could result in a real pamper day :)

Boulevard Mohammed V، Essaouira 44000, Morocco, entrance fee for the pool/ lunch a la carte...

Essaouira Lodge.
top pools and lunch in Essaouira
photo credit  Essaouira Lodge

This one is on my to do list so I can't tell you from my personal experience. End of this month I will correct my review after my visit.
This place looks stunning and is the perfect setting for those in search for tranquillity, mindfulness and contemplation.
The menu however is not exactly what you should expect. It's focused on barbecue and for vegetarians there is not much offered beside some simple salad.
If you are OK with this, then go and discover !
And remember that I will go and check out the lunch and the pool end of June.

R207، Route de Marrakech، Essaouira 44000, Morocco, free pool, lunch 180 MAD...

Yes, I know, I was going to give you my 5 favourite pools.  But locals also love a day in a sunbed, with the Atlantic and a stone throw and then....we go to

Plage AZIZ.
In front of Fanatic, the restaurant at the boulevard, the last one of the two when you come from the Medina.
Aziz is a great host and whatever you need, be it a coffee or some lunch, they get it for you.  Absolutely no need to come out of that lazy chair!

He was asking me for some months already to get him online 😉.

Full day Umbrella and sunbed is about 30 to 50 MAD depending on the season, his mood and your negotiation skills ;)

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